The current state of gaming 2019.

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The current state of gaming 2019.

Post by Mabrick » Sun Nov 10, 2019 12:00 am

This is a thread about the current state of gaming as of the year 2019. As the year 2020 comes closing in, i would like to reflect the thoughts on what happened during this year. You can collaborate on this thread, put your own thoughts.

My thoughts on this year's gaming.

2019 has been a rocky year for gaming. It appears that smaller indie developers either newbies or former company developers have risen to gaming industry while the bigger corporate companies are slowly sinking away. Gaming have been same as last year but slightly frequent. Alot games have been shipped to half-baked quality. Lack of creativity is a problem in the industry especially with Triple A publishers. It's that some studios are trying to make what their creation wants to be but the company will meddle with the product and will get the development off track. Even worse is their monetary practises are gaining attention from politicians and nation governments.

There is just so much new controversies that i'll only select a few that is interesting. So Bethesda a well known game company has fallen fast with their failed game Fallout 76 in which they make really questionable decisions on their game like a broken membership or just making overpriced DLC. Then there's Konami butchering their Franchises by joining in on the monetising trend but ramp it up by making Slot machines from their original series. and last one is that Blizzard and Ch-(Ok that's an issue that has to do more about politics.), i guess that's all i got moving on.

But not of all 2019 was bad news. There were some gems we got like Smash ultimate, Three houses, Outerworlds, Borderlands 3, RE2, Sekiro, Code vein and Death stranding. These were good because at least those studios aren't as restricted as how Triple A companies want their games to be. Also some games being announced to be in 2020 and future, Cyberpunk, Last of us 2, Doom eternal, Jedi Fallen order. They look pretty great so far for the hype.

At this point companies are just being blatant at their practises. They don't care about the backlash anymore. They never moved on with their mistakes. 2020 is gonna be a new low. Companies have been trying to force these trends like Battle royale, forced multiplayer as way to sell it in. I also feel like that this year would mark the decline of Sports games given how much scrutiny they have gotten for being grindy and pay to win.

Then lastly, consoles. So Google is introducing a cloud gaming service called Stadia. But there has been doubts about this working but I don't follow those that much since im not that audience. Sony now acknowledges the presence of the PS5. Not much is known yet about it but something tells me that this may be the last time consoles will be good.

Anyways to end it all off, 2019 is a year of mixed bags, we got our share of good masterpieces but the bad news seems to inflate slightly which concerns me about the future of gaming. 2020 is gonna be a new era of uncertainty.

I'm sorry if this was a little too big to be a brief statement. I don't wanna steal the show so go ahead and make your own thoughts about the state of gaming 2019!
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Re: The current state of gaming 2019.

Post by LeonardMan » Sun Nov 10, 2019 1:02 am

It's simple.

Normal people outnumber us nerds by a HUGE amount. Games do not make money from being beautiful masterpieces, but from the sheer amount of people who buy them. Thus, the objective for the companies is NOT to make a good game, but to make a game that appeals to the animal instincts of normal people, and what normal people desire the most out of anything else in the world is to interact with another real person and to fit in within a tribe by doing absolutely everything they do, hence the forced multiplayers and the battle royales.

Normal people are just shaved bipedal apes, otherwise completely unchanged since over 13 million years ago. Plus, just like every other animal, they never question anything, and just accept whatever shit is thrown at them.

That's why, at the end of the day, the opinions of intelligent, civilized people like yourself don't matter, because normal people are that much more profitable just from the sheer number of them that exists, and their ignorance means they will fork out their money without questioning at the first thing that catches their attention.
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Re: The current state of gaming 2019.

Post by Royalguard » Sun Nov 10, 2019 8:31 am

It seems like a lot of games these days are being built with the sole intention to have progression be as slow and tedious as possible. The make people play the game for as long a period of time as they can milk out of it, to expose players to micro-transaction and lootbox systems as much as possible. It comes a the point where caving to micro-transactions or lootboxes is the only way to make the game progress at any half decent pace and make it even remotely fun to play.

This is further magnified by games becoming more and more social. When other players are seen doing things like buying/using things obtained in micro-transactions/lootboxes, this may come to "normalize" the concept to other players as they want to fit in with others in the gaming social group, and may make them more likely to spend on said systems as well.

Developers who make these types of games obviously have no intentions of making good or fun games, or even "art" for that matter, and are purely out to persuade exploitable people to give them money, be it kids, gambling addicts, rich people that don't value their money, and people with mental disabilities. Absolutely disgusting, governmental intervention can't come fast enough.
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