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Weapons for 1.6

Post by Omega Man » Tue Dec 03, 2019 6:24 pm

The weapons that are not in Mega Man Maker:
Mega Man 1:super arm
Mega Man 2:bubble lead and time stopper
Mega Man 3:spark shock
Mega Man 4:dust crusher
Mega Man 5:Gyro Attack
Mega Man 6:yamato spear
Mega Man 7:thunder bolt, junk shield, freeze cracker, slash claw and scorch wheel(oh god this is a lot)
Mega Man 8:ice wave, homing sniper, astro crush and water ballon
Mega Man 9:plug ball
Weapons that should be re-maked or added to the game:
spark shock(re-maked):stuns enemies and does damage overtime.
junk shield(added)
super arm:(re-maked):can lift up enemies and spawn small rocks that can be trhown
ice wave(added)
slash claw(added)
(this is my wish list and opinion)
I'm evil.....kinda.

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