Magic Man

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Magic Man

Post by D-Man » Sun Feb 09, 2020 9:18 pm

The third possible boss for a MM&B update.

Magic Man
Circus performer robot that joined King's army to show off his skills. Has various tricks up his sleeve. From MM&B.

Magic Man is 2x3 in the editor. He begins the fight by dashing in the opposite direction of the player, and continues to dash around, turning at walls as he does so. He will stop at random or when shot to do an attack, which varies based on the distance between him and the player:

- if he is at least 6 tiles away from the player, he will throw a ball towards the player that breaks on contact with solid terrain and releases 3 Copipi-like doves. The ball has 3 HP, and the doves have 1 HP.

- if he is within 5 tiles of the player, he will throw a Magic Card 7 tiles forward that returns to him. If the player is hit by this Card, he will regain 2 HP. He will resume dashing once the Card reaches its furthest point.

- at any distance, he can fire magic spheres 1-3 times that spawn Romper Gs if they are shot. The spheres have 6 HP.

After using these attacks, he will return to dashing around.

Magic Man is one of the few bosses who can regain health, and neither needs special requirements like Dynamo Man, nor is as basic as Mercury. His high speed and proximity-based attacks are also favorable traits.

The HP drain of his Magic Card could be increased to 3 units to make it more threatening. Rompers would have to be implemented before considering Magic Man.

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Re: Magic Man

Post by DestroyerOfDestruction » Tue Feb 11, 2020 3:27 am

He isn't dependent on a stage gimmick to work, so he is a good option.
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